Gavin Crombie

Gavin Crombie – Head of Studio

Currently CEO of IDFGlobal – an internationally famous visualisation company, Gavin Crombie has lived in China for 15 years in the city of Chengdu. A Kiwi by birth Gavin is the author of best selling business book – ‘The Way of the Dragon’. This book is a dissertation on doing business in China and is currently used in more than 15 MBA programs as course material around the world.

Crombie is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in running international business and founded IDFGlobal in 1999, 10 years on the company has grown to a network of nearly 30 offices worldwide and three production facilities in China.

Xiaomei Liu

Xiaomei Liu – Executive Producer

Co-Founder of IDFGlobal, Xiaomei Liu has been involved in the production management of IDFGlobal for more than 10 years. A graduate of the Chongqing Foreign Languages Institute Xiaomei is completely fluent to a deep level of English. Xiaomei is a fine detail person and has set-up management systems in the IDFGlobal company in both production management and communications. Able to bridge the cultural gap between western and Chinese management styles, Xiaomei’s skills are essential for the smooth running the entire company.

Jacek Irzykowski

Jacek Irzykowski – Art Director

Formerly Creative Director at IDFGlobal Jacek has a Masters Degree Architecture and considerable experience in 3D Visualization. An artist in his own right, Jacek has won a number of global awards on behalf of IDFGlobal in the visualization field. With an extreme degree of attention to detail Jacek is able to turn very basic information in fully fledged visuals.

Hai Dong Liu

Hai Dong Liu – Studio Director

Haidong Liu has been studio manager at IDFGlobal for 10 years since the start of the company. He specializes in man-management and has been directly responsible for control of the 400 staff members in IDFGlobal. Completely fluent in English, Hai Dong in particular has extraordinary negotiation skills with both staff and outside companies.

Jean Sebastien Laurenson

Jean Sebastien Laurenson – Sales Director

Known by many names in IDFGlobal – some of them even polite – Jean (and that’s the French Jean – not the girls name) is a bundle of nervous energy and a master of dancing. In charge of Global Sales Jean has the enviable task of flying all around the round seeking out new markets and beaches to surf on. He also holds the distinction for being the only non-paying guest on the private beach at the Emirates Palace Hotel after a very long swim.

James Crombie

James Crombie – Head of Film & TV Research

If it happened sometime in history James will know about it – responsible for making sure the little details are correct and the screen comes alive with the ‘real’ happenings in history and other areas. Sporting square eyes from researching details to the nth degree James is the first person on the mat when the series and films are starting.

Dave Brown

Dave Brown – Head of Storyboards

Dave has been in the animation industry so long that he once drew a scene on a tyrannosaurus’ left haunch. As a director, supervisor, artist and lecturer, Dave has worked in virtually every aspect or animation, but still can’t spell the word.

Jordan Zhou

Jordan Zhou – Production Assistant Supervisor

Multi-talented and multi-tasking is Jordan’s speciality – fully experienced in the digital media industry in several different areas Jordan is the oil that makes the wheels go round.


Jeffrey – more than just a pooch – the company mascot

Jeffrey is never happier than sitting watching the renderfarm, chewing on massive bones, or generally making himself look cute. An accomplished actor Jeffrey can be seen in every episode of Terry Deary’s True Time Tales, up to his usual mischievous tricks.


Green Leaf Appoints new Head of VFX

Tim Eaton is joining the Green Leaf team as Head of VFX from early 2011. Tim is world renowned and has been the VFX Editor or Assistant Editor on films such as Titanic (he is known as the man who sank the Titanic), Men in Black, The Mummy, K19, Forest Gump, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, [...]

4th November at 6:05 pm

Art Director of Green Leaf Film Studios featured in 3d Artist magazine

Green Leaf Film Studio’s Art Director Jacek Irzykowski has been featured in the popular 3D artists magazine ‘3d Artist’ for his recent work “Cyber Fly” that he had submitted to a competition with the theme “Ideas For Life” organized by Panasonic . “My concept is a bridge that lets you teleport yourself to another place [...]

6th September at 6:49 pm

New GLF iPad Application To Be Launched

A new iPad application by Green Leaf Film Studios is currently in development. This follows an iPhone application showcasing the latest images of Green Leaf projects. Details about the iPad application will be announced in September, but it is said to be “revolutionary” – it will create an entirely new type of media based interactive [...]

31st August at 5:07 pm

GLF joins Ya’an International Film Festival

Green Leaf Film Studios was invited by the Chinese Government to join the Third Ya’an International Film Festival opening ceremony on August 1st. Executive Producer Xiaomei Liu, Sales Director Jean Laurenson and Art Director Jacek Irzykowski visited from Chengdu to represent the International Film Industry in China. The festival lasted one week and showed different [...]

9th August at 5:31 pm

Gavin Crombie Interviewed

Greenleaf Film Studio’s Gavin Crombie was interviewed by Rebecca Macfie of New Zealand’s ‘The Listener’. The interview was about China in general, but Chengdu and Film-making specifically. You can read the full article here.

2nd August at 1:15 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios recently hosted a visited by the New Zealand Minister of Trade, the Right Honourable Mr. Tim Groser.

Minister Groser, was encouraged to visit Chengdu to look at potential opportunities to foster trade between New Zealand and Chengdu. Accompanied by the New Zealand Ambassador to China, Mr. Carl Worker, Tim Green (the China Director for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), Jeff Shepherd (NZ Trade Commissioner), Jane Cunliffe (Adviser – NZ Trade and Enterprise), [...]

3rd June at 4:45 pm

Green Leaf Films Studios ‘wows’ British Independent Film Festival

The pilot episode of True Time Tales was screened at the British Independent Film Festival and wowed the 300 persons in attendance. The audience was mainly comprised of children, although there were also adults. Everyone wanted more! Children loved the show and already have chosen their favorite characters. Teachers were really impressed by the detail [...]

13th May at 1:29 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios attends CICAF

Green Leaf Film Studio’s Xiaomei Liu, Leo Li, and Dave Brown are attending the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF) in Eastern China’s city of Hangzhou. The CICAF is the largest and most exciting cartoon festival in China. Last year, over 300 institutions and enterprises set up booth, a total of 780,000 people participated [...]

28th April at 7:35 pm

La Fontaine’s Fantastic Fables

Green Leaf Film Studios has begun work on a project that will bring to animated life the stories of one of the France’s most beloved authors and poets – Jean de La Fontaine. La Fontaine’s Fables were originally dedicated to the 6 year old son of the Sun King Louis XIV, and the poet took [...]

25th March at 9:50 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios will be attending MIPTV 2010

Based in Cannes and running from April 12-16, MIPTV is the world’s largest entertainment market and trade event for professionals from the entertainment industry. With 1,500 exhibiting companies from 52 countries on 21,000m² of exhibition floor, 4,000 buyers from 102 countries responsible for licensing and delivering content worldwide will be able to source from the [...]

17th March at 7:42 pm

Green Leaf VFX

British Indie boxing movie secures Green Leaf its first VFX order. The WBC backed film ‘Risen’ that will premiere later this year in front of 200 world champion boxers in Cardiff, will have a number of VFX shots produced by Green Leaf Film Studios – including CGI backgrounds and crowds.

26th February at 8:38 pm

Graduate Placement A Success!

Our first graduate placement at our studio took place over the Christmas period. Stephen Caie from the UK came over for a 7 week spell at the studio. He is said to be the first of many that will be invited to the studio this year. Relishing the experience Stephen said: “I enjoyed the whole [...]

9th February at 3:45 pm

Oscar winner gives Green Leaf Staff a Masterclass

5 time Oscar Winner Richard Taylor, known for his work on such films as Lord of the Rings, Avatar and King Kong, visited the studio over December and treated the staff to a lecture about his previous work. All of the animation and design teams were able to attend and found the experience both inspiring [...]

29th January at 2:40 pm

District 9 Designer Visits Studio

District 9 designer Greg Broadmore visited the GLFS studio recently and gave a photoshop masterclass to a large number of our team. Staff development is hugely important to us at Green Leaf and we hope to have many more illustrious guests like Greg to visit the studio and give our team pointers over the coming [...]

18th January at 8:50 pm

GLFS iPhone application available now!

The new Green Leaf Film Studios iPhone app is available for free download at the Apple application store now! Enjoy the latest and greatest images from Green Leaf Film Studios directly on your iPhone or iPod touch, with regular monthly updates, new images and an extensive image gallery to view, anywhere, anytime!

15th January at 7:59 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios and idfglobal wish you Merry Christmas and an Animated New Year!

Green Leaf Film Studios and idfglobal wish you Merry Christmas and an Animated New Year! Green Leaf Film Studios and idfglobal wish you Merry Christmas and an Animated New Year! Click here to see short Christmas Panda animation

17th December at 1:14 am

Hong Kong Private-Equity Fund Raising US$200 Million-US$400 Million For China Movie Fund

HONG KONG -(Dow Jones)- Hong Kong based private-equity firm Infiniti Capital said Friday it has teamed up with Chengdu-based Green Leaf Film Studios and Oscar-winning design and special effects specialist Richard Taylor, to raise between US$200 million and US$400 million for a new fund that will invest in film, television and other projects targeting the [...]

15th December at 8:49 pm

Exceptional Exhibition Opens!

The Exceptional Exhibition opened this past Friday (5th December) and was a huge success. All the local media was there to see Green Leaf Film Studios, Infiniti Capital, Richard Taylor and Greg Broadmore open the Exhibition with its Lord of the Rings, Narnia, King Kong and of course Dr. Grordbort’s artwork, props, sculptures and miniatures. [...]

10th December at 7:43 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios, in association with Weta Workshop and Infiniti Capital are pleased to announce that we are bringing The Exceptional Exhibition to Chengdu

“Green Leaf Film Studios, in association with Weta Workshop and Infiniti Capital are pleased to announce that we are bringing The Exceptional Exhibition to Chengdu. This ground-breaking exhibition brings Weta’s amazing new concept – Dr. Grordbort’s – as well as 5 Oscars, and a host of artwork, sculptures and collectables from Weta’s biggest projects – [...]

20th November at 10:43 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios enter the House of Commons

The Director of Green Leaf Film Studios has been invited to a dinner at the House of Commons to discuss the new animation training facility at Green Leaf Film Studios with heads of UK Universities, to further possible collaborations. This is a great opportunity for both students in England and Green Leaf Film Studios to [...]

16th November at 6:02 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios recently attended the 10th annual Sichuan TV Festival in Chengdu, China.

The Sichuan TV Festival is the largest international TV gathering in western China – and it helps greatly to promote the cooperation and exchange of ideas of professionals in the industry both locally and globally. While there Green Leaf visited several major Chinese Television networks – including the largest in China, CCTV. Green Leaf received [...]

9th November at 5:32 pm

Green Leaf Film Studio’s Director heads to New York after being invited to meet with the heads of a major US network to discuss Green Leaf’s involvement in their upcoming feature films.

2nd November at 9:23 pm

The recent MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR festivals in Cannes were attended, for the first time, by Green Leaf Film Studios

The numbers indicated a busy week this year, with over four thousand buys, and a total of 12,018 delegates from 102 countries. Some 45 conferences welcomed around 150 top-level speakers. It was a great opportunity for Green Leaf Film Studios to show off the trailer of our upcoming production, Terry Deary’s ‘True Time Tales’. The [...]

30th October at 6:31 pm

GLFS Production Impresses Industry

The recent participation at Mipcom Junior, the world’s most famous market for children’s and youth’s television shows, was a smashing success for GLFS. The trailer and concept of the studio’s first production, “Terry Deary’s True Time Tales”, was so popular with buyers that GLFS received over 100 expressions of interest. The pilot will be released [...]

27th October at 3:50 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios Releases Trailer of Terry Deary’s True Time Tales

A trailer of one of the first productions of Green Leaf Film Studios, Terry Deary’s True Time Tales, is up and running. Terry Deary is the world’s highest grossing non-fiction author for children. He has written over 180 children’s books and sold over 20 million copies in over 35 languages. The animated TV show of [...]

23rd September at 4:35 pm

Green Leaf Film Studios are about to embark on making 4 documentaries

Green Leaf Film Studios are about to embark on making 4 documentaries on the plight of the panda, one of the worlds’s most endangered species. The four documentaries will be 10 minutes long and are designed to raise global awareness of the work involved in saving the Giant Panda. Green Leaf Film Studios is based [...]

11th August at 3:25 am

GLF welcomes an Icelandic maiden!

Raffaella Brizuela Sigurdardottir has brought her peerless character design and storyboarding skills (and her almost unpronounceable name) to us all the way from Iceland! Watch this space for samples of Raffy’s work. (and if you think Raffy’s name is unpronounceable – try our Art Directors name: Jacek Irzykowski)

11th August at 3:24 am

Trailer for Terry Deary’s ‘True Time Tales’ released!

Follow this link for screenshots, concept art, and the new trailer for our exciting new production! From the mystery of Ancient Egypt, through the power of Rome, to the intrigue of Tudor England – see what terrible and true things have been happening throughout history!

11th August at 3:23 am

Green Leaf Film Studios announce contract to begin Terry Deary Series

In an exciting new development, GLF has signed a contract with one of the biggest selling children’s authors in the world – Terry Deary. After his huge success with his ‘Horrible Histories’ series, Terry Deary has decided to go 3D with his new ‘True Time Tales’ series, has agreed to GLF creating a 24 episode [...]

11th August at 3:23 am

Green Leaf Film Studios employ 30 new animation staff

GLF is expanding and it has only started. As we take on more work we have expanded to meet the needs of our customers, and to this end we have employed 30 new animation staff! Stay tuned to see the amazing work these people are producing now…

11th August at 3:23 am

Green Leaf Visual Effects launched

GLF has now launched its new visual effects branch. Whether it be snowballs, fireballs, MoCap characters, or simply animated logos – our new VFX branch is sure to meet your every Visual Effects need. Be sure to visit our Assets list to see what we can offer!

11th August at 3:22 am

Green Leaf Artist wins CGI award

He’s done it again! Jacek Irzykowski has won another award for his CGI work. Winning the Vis-Masters award for the 2nd time with this amazing piece of work, which was done for the Palm Jumeirah Project, Dubai. click here This comes on top of this effort for Cox Architects:

11th August at 3:20 am